25 Jul 2024


£0.5m grant will help to develop medical production system

The machine vision specialist, InterVision Global, has been awarded a £560,000 grant from the UK’s innovation funding body, Innovate UK, to develop and manufacture a flexible automated system to produce components for orthopaedic medical devices.

The company, based in Leamington Spa in the UK, secured the matched grant in the face of stiff competition and is one of only 36 companies to receive funding, from a total of nearly 200 applicants.

During the 22-month r&d programme, InterVision plans to develop the production system incorporating technologies such as robotics, 3D machine vision and laser marking. If trials of the system prove successful, it could help to remove manufacturing risks, increase production throughput, and reduce time-to-market for orthopaedic medical device manufacturers.